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I Love English Language Essay

Hey everyone, I am new here. I am applying to an undergraduate program. Could you please give some input to my essay?

Is English my own?

When I am asked to explain why I love English better then my own language (Portuguese), I quickly run to the wise words of Derek Walcott:

"The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself. "

English has always been a passionate escape of my imagination. Since I was a little girl, I was able to imagine stories and fairy tales in foreign languages. It gave me a wonderful feeling of having a magical and mysterious world, created by words only. I love words. Writing, speaking and reading have always been the best ways to express myself. I found out that there was something that I was good at and loved doing. I rediscovered myself over and over again when presented with the challenge of written or spoken words. When introduced to English in school, I immediately fell in love. Though having been born to a country of two languages (Creole and Portuguese), I had no problem adapting to this new way of communicating. I owned it. It never made me feel less Cape Verdean or less patriotic for choosing a different language to call my own. Whenever I wanted to say what I felt, it seemed easier to do it in English. It meant more and it defined my emotions clearer.

My interest for English grew stronger throughout my secondary studies. I could easily imagine myself teaching English or using it at a more frequent basis in the future. For a long time I have been planning to continue my studies and finally be able to finish what I started. After graduating High School in Cape Verde, I had many different choices for a higher education. One that attracted me the most was English Studies at ISE (Instituto Superior de Educaçăo). The study programme was exactly what I wanted. It gave me insight into the history of teaching English, the different methodologies used through the years and the language structure itself. Learning how words are formed and pronounced the way they are, made me even more aware of the fantastic journey I was embarking within the English literature.

While studying there, I was able to volunteer for a 14-day-programme onboard the MV/ Logos II ship that was visiting my country in 2000. It was the second time (The first time was during High School, when I was giving the opportunity to represent Cape Verde at a UN Youth Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.) in my life that I was able to experience foreigner culture and being able to apply English at a daily basis. I found it fascinating the fact that over 40 different countries were living under the same roof. How did they manage? How were they able to surpass their differences, traditions, language barrier and still work as one body? I realized that being able to communicate freely and openly was the key. Because every person on board knew English, it transformed the crew into a community. With no doubts in mind, I knew that I needed to be part of that world. After finishing my first year at ISE, I signed in onboard the Logos II ship for 2 years of volunteering service. The experiences gained there, are of great value. Today I am able to fit better in different cultures and never jump quickly to conclusions when facing a new tradition.

I am privileged to have the opportunity to apply to International Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities at your prestigious University. This programme interested me the most, because it has all the features I am looking for in my education. The XX University have also a good sense of humour. I believe myself to be very open and free spirited and therefore, I believe I have found a study environment at XX that my ideals more personally. People at RU are free to express their own point of views or opinions, which it's not so familiar in many countries. It has a high educational standard and availability of modern facilities for learning. The university is always willing to have seasoned lecturers of international repute. Its campuses nurture and promote variety by accepting students from different nationalities and cultures.

I can still learn more of the English language itself and learn how it influences our world and its cultures in the process. The variety of the courses taught, can challenge me to grasp wider definitions of the language. I am excited to maybe find answers to: Why English is so widely spoken? How big a part has English had to the growth of globalisation? Would information flow so easily today, if English wasn't the major player in communicative ideas and marketing?

"Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Only when we are able to understand the importance of language and communicating it well, are we able to understand each other better. No matter what background, no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves in. I see a time in the future where people enjoy the freedom of using languages to build and restore our world. To be passionate about poems, and written stories instead of only screen entertainment. I want to be part of learning how to catch the soul of spoken words and use it to build bridges and repair broken relationships; to revive the beauty of literature and strengthen its art form. I can see myself eager to challenge freedom of expression through English, or any other language in order to establish peace and global cooperation.

I am aware of, that the programme I am applying for is highly in demand and of competitive standards. I believe that I am well prepared to cope with the challenges and that I can meet your requirements for a successful study at XX University. I appreciate your consideration of my letter.

Ilda Lómstein

....in my life that I was able to experience foreigner a foreign culture and able to apply English at on a daily basis.

There might be a few simple grammatical errors, so do read through it once again. Also, for the sake of formality, cut out the contraptions (it's, didn't, etc. )

Otherwise, it is a perfectly well written essay, concise yet personal.
Good luck!

This is a very special post and the first of many, I hope. This is a guest post - this article has not been written by me but by one of my students, Maru Talavera. Maru has been a student of English for a number of years now and recently got the opportunity to use her language skills on a trip to England this summer. I was very interested to know her story about what motivates her in her English studies, so I asked her to write this article to share with all of you. I was very happy when she said yes and this is what she provided. Thank you very much, Maru!

Anyway, here are her opinions and her analysis on her passion and enjoyment of English. There are a couple of her ideas that I thought were so good that I highlighted them!  Please feel free to give Maru your comments.

Why I like English

While being a student you find many people that ask you “Why do you like English?” However, I think the answer to this question only gets complicated when you ask yourself, “Why do I like English?” As an advanced student I guess I should have figured it out much earlier but considering I’m seventeen it (kind of) makes sense that I haven’t yet.

I took up English because my parents thought I would need it at some point in my life.  They were aware of the importance of knowing another language to not only broaden your mind but also push your limits.  However difficult the start was I instantly felt comfortable.  The atmosphere was wonderful, and by atmosphere I mean the warmth of teachers who – I bet – knew how difficult it can be for a little child to start something new.  They made English look like an easy game to play since, as we all know, if you enjoy what you do you give your best.

English also has opened my mind to new perspectives because by reading books or listening to music I realize distances are nothing, we’re all part of the world which turns out to be pretty small as we can feel something similar no matter where we are.  For me, English is that bridge that can lead you to see that there are a lot of people who have felt or are feeling in the same way you feel.

Further to the points I highlighted before, English is considered to be the lingua franca (language people use to communicate when they have different first languages) and companies which are trying to make it to worldwide success are looking for people that have English among their various skills since it’s a great way to enter other markets.

Nowadays, English doesn't belong to one place, it’s everybody’s world language.  And I think it would be great if it were taught to children as they’re little because it’s the best time to learn as it’s easy.

Having English as a lingua franca doesn’t mean we have to have an English lifestyle as well.  This is the best of it, we can have a mixture... making our culture evolve in a different way, acquiring new things but preserving out essence.  It’s all about opening our minds and trying to see that others are not that different and that we can get to know them better if we share a common language.

Other ways of learning English

As I grow up (Yes! I’m still at it!) I discover that it’s not always easy to keep on working on my English as I have less time to study but in a way this has helped me realize there are fantastic ways to learn, improve and use your English.

  • Watching series or films online: the Internet can be something more than just a way to gossip or keep up with Hollywood trends, it can also be a place to catch up with your favourite series or movie.  At times it’s hard to understand the dialogues so I suggest starting with series you are familiar with, and it’s great when you add the subtitles so that you know exactly what they’re saying.  Free online films and series are available online and you don’t need to be registered.  (Gordon's NoteI agree with this idea and I know there are some free films online but also remember that iTunes is a great and legal way to do this get movies and TV shows.)
  • Reading from books to magazines, you will find a wide range of useful vocabulary and phrases.  Although sometimes it seems difficult to get an English book in a country like Argentina it is not impossible, indeed there are several bookshops where you can get them.  There’s also the possibility to download the book you want from the net. (Gordon's Note: I love my Amazon Kindle and you can also get Kindle apps for computers and smartphones.)
  • Music: I think this is my favourite way of learning English.  There’s nothing better than listening to a good album with meaningful lyrics.

To sum up, I would say English has a very important place in my life.  Indeed, I can’t imagine my life without it and I think the world helps that.  I like having it in my life since I have developed a kind of love for English because it has made me discover a whole new world that has always been there but I didn’t have the key to enter.  This tool also leads me to independence and sharing my knowledge, feelings and ideas with people from all over the world.  When I went to London this July,  English also helped me to make friends with people who were foreigners just like me, who were also still unsure and adjusting in a different country and we ended up creating a bond which I hope will continue to grow day by day.

During my life I’ve encountered people who encourage me every day to go on in this way, learning around the things I enjoy is certainly the easiest way to progress.  On the other hand, I also find people who try to bring me down, saying that no matter how hard I try it is pointless to try to acquire another culture that’s not mine.  However, as with many things in life, it is important to follow the way you think will make you happy, because none of the people who discouraged you will come to repair the damage of having made a bad choice.  People that think English is boring, unnecessary or just a waste of time is because they don’t know, they have no idea of the vast world that hides beyond their ignorance.

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