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Ajran Arsad

Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Ajran Arsad

How Has Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Influenced My Life

Assalamu Alaykum. My name is Ajran Nai’ma A. Arsad, 15 years old. I was born in the Philippines and lived there until last year, when I travelled here to Malaysia with my parents and my siblings because my Mother is to study here.

For all the goodness people see in me now, it is because of Islam which he (Prophet Muhammad) has brought that turned me this way

Just recently, a video was made to insult the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and many of the Muslims protested against it. During that time, I did not participate in any protest, nor did I make a reaction paper/video like other Muslims did. What exactly was I doing? I was just sitting at home, unable to do anything. I also don’t know so much about his (pbuh) life story. Do I love the Rasulullah (pbuh) or not? This is a question I asked myself so many times. I asked Allah (swt) to make me love him [the Prophet] or if I already love him, then to make my love for him even more. I was in fact in a complete dilemma during those days thinking about that all the time.

Then my parents got to know of this essay competition and asked my siblings and me to participate in this. I completely had no idea what to write and had no confidence to do so. So my head was hurting so much worrying about it. But Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), I’m fine now.

Many times we were told in the Qur’an that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent as a Mercy to mankind. And we Muslims cannot describe as to how, and how much, he made us feel blessed for having him (pbuh) as our Prophet. We love him of course, because he has brought with him Islam, my and your religion. Without the Islam he has brought, I would not have known about myself and about my Lord, Exalted is He. Without the Islam he has brought, I would have gone astray, away from Allah (swt) and away from the Truth. Without the Islam he has brought, I would not have known about the Day of Judgment, wherein we will be rewarded for the good deeds we have done and punished for the evil deeds we have committed. Without the Islam he has brought, I would not have become close to my parents, my siblings, and the rest of the people of my household and many, indeed, too many to mention.

One of my favorite sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is this: “A believer is one who desires for his brother what he desires for himself.” And another saying tells us that when a believer supplicates for his brother, an angel will say, “Ameen, may you have the same.”

It is a sad thing indeed that many people are unaware of these sayings of the Prophet (pbuh), and even ridicule and accuse him of being this-and-that when truly I have not known anyone better and kinder than him.

Now that I am writing this essay, I’ve realized that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) played a major role in my life and that I do love him and am very proud of being among the people of his (pbuh) Ummah. For all the goodness people see in me now, it is because of Islam which he (pbuh) has brought that turned me this way. Allah (swt) has indeed granted me my prayer and has consoled me regarding my problem, Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A’lamin.


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About the Author

Ajran Arsad Ajran Arshad (age 15) won the first prize in the essay competition organized by The Message International for school children. The topic was “How Has Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Influenced My Life?”

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My hero is as great and kind as an angel. I am proud of being one of his followers. He is the prophet of Islam Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Prophet Muhammad is a great figure in the world, and one of the most influential people humanity has ever witnessed. His words and deeds greatly affected human thought and behavior throughout history. He was a religious teacher, a great father, a wonderful husband, a faithful friend, an excellent guide, a strong believer, social and political reformer, and the best companion.

I love him more than myself because of his special status in our religion. Allah has honored him. All Muslims are grateful to him for his achievements.

Muhammad (p.u.h) is a prophet sent from Allah to all humankind. He is the last prophet. He was born in Makah in the year 570. He was orphan. So, he was raised by his uncle Abd Al Motaleb who was from a tribe called Quraysh.

Muhammad was illiterate and most of people at that time were illiterate too. But he was famous for being truthful, trustworthy, confident, and generous. He used to help the poor by giving them charity; he used to play with children and make them happy and he was so honest and sincere to the extent that people called him the trustworthy.


At forty Muhammad received his first revelation from Allah through the angel, Gabriel. At first, he was afraid. When he returned home, he told his wife Khadija what was going on. Khadija took him to her cousin (Waraka Ibn Nawfal) who told Muhammad that he was going to be a prophet.


Muhammad was very happy and waited for the second revelation from Allah. For twenty -three years, the verses of The Holy Quran came successively.


He and his followers suffered from unbelievers who tried to hurt them. Allah allowed them to emigrate from Makah to The Medina in the year 622.Some years later, Muhammad and his followers became stronger and were able to return to Makah. 


After the death of the prophet (p.u.h.) ,Islam had spread to remote lands in the world. Among the reasons for the fast and peaceful spread of Islam was the truth and clarity of this religion and the simplicity of its message.


Prophet Muhammad is up to now a perfect example of honesty, fairness, mercifulness, compassion, faith, courage and commitment; an exceptional, thoughtful human being in brief.


Many famous figures recognized him as an important person in the history of mankind. Some of these are well-known writers and leaders: Bernard Show, LaMartine, and Gandhi.


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