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Child Nursing Personal Statement

At the age of 9 my brother was hospitalized with pneumonia, he required round the clock care, given by the nurses, to enable him to come home. This inspired me because although it was the nurse’s job to look after him they supported my parents and helped them understand and cope with what was happening. Knowing that the job is tough and at times emotional I feel like the rewards of seeing a healthy patient will help me to continue further into a successful career.

The course in child nursing looks interesting as along with the theory base learning you get hands on practice in a working situation. I am a caring person who finds it easy to interact with new people. I think this is an important quality as working as nurse may mean meeting several new people each day and having to ensure them to trust you. Whilst in my part time job at McDonalds I have learnt to work well under pressure and still complete the job to a high standard.

Before I decided that nursing was a job I was capable of I completed three sets of work experience. The first was at St.Chads primary school where I would with children age 5-6. I helped them with a range of subjects and was able to work with all abilities. My second week was at Saxon Hill Community College, this is a special school for children who have some level of physical disability but the majority have additional learning, communication or medical difficulties. I found this week more challenging but also more rewarding as I was put in a group of children age 9-14 who all had communication problems but as the week went on I learnt that every child had there own way of communicating with you and this helped me further into my decision of nursing. In the Easter Holidays of 2009 I spent a week at Samuel Johnson Hospital Lichfield. I spent the week in different departments including minor injuries, renal and physiotherapy. I have found that minor injuries and renal were the most interesting as they seem to have a buzz in the department and although renal was not a new situation every time like minor injuries I found that talking to the patients and how they look at the nurses influenced me more to take on nursing.

I have spent the last 3 years helping out Fradley Rainbows and the last year helping out at a newly set up Brownies group in Fradley. Each week I interact with the children and help them with the activities set. I feel that in a environment which is out of school the children are more relaxed and show there personalities a lot. I recently joined the two packs on a trip to Shugborough for 100 years of guiding party where over 1000 girl guides attended.

As well as going to Rainbows and brownies in my free time I am heavily involved in extra curricular activities within school such as Interact Club sponsored by Rotary club, where I have been secretary, treasurer and am currently president. Within this role I have helped organize a raffle at a local event and two bag packs at major supermarkets. I am also involved in Sixth from council which has involved me speaking on behalf of people in my year in a small group discussion to make sure that the sixth formers voice is heard and accounted for.

At the beginning of your 12 I applied for young enterprise we managed to set up a business with 14 students for event management. We held 2 successful major events and 3 smaller ones. This in total helped us to understand the meaning of teamwork and eventually we raised a total of £630 in which half we gave to a small local charity.

Within school I play in both Jazz and concert band. I have my grade 5 clarinet and have recently taught myself to play the tenor saxophone. This has let my progress and since September 2008 I have played in Staffordshire Youth Orchestra- East which has enabled me to play in places such as Symphony Hall- Birmingham. At the current time I am taking my A-levels in Math’s, Psychology and History, although the subjects are very challenging I have found them useful as it has helped me really understand the working world.

My career plans are to work within the NHS as pediatric nurse and to work within a friendly environment.


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Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

Hi, I should be starting my adult nursing degree this September, I applied to two universities & got two interviews and then two offers.
There are example personal statements on TSR and studential, so you can get a feel for what a personal statement looks like. (UCAS have plagiarism software to detect major similarities with past personal statements so keep it in mind when you do look at examples online). At the end of the day though, a ps is just that personal so yours will be unique to you.
It's also worth looking on the Plymouth university website and seeing if they offer any ps advice, they normally give advice at open days so it's worth going along to one too, you can mention going to open day/s and how you gained more information about the course in your ps (I did).
Mention relevant skills and experience in you ps too, you won't be able to mention everything you want but you can put the most important things.
I hope this helps.


I have got an conditional offer at London Southbank University for this September, so I hope I can help a little bit.

One important tip to remember is that you have only 4000 words so it could take a few redrafts and also let someone else e.g. family member, friend or tutor read over to pick out any mistakes.

The main aim of your personal statement is to sell yourself - you want to sure them how dedicated and passionate you are about Child Nursing. Also, its important you address how committed you are, they want someone that won't give up but tries their best.

In your introductory paragraph you should write a few sentences on why you chose child nursing and why not any other specialities. For instance, you could state that you have attended open days or you have researched into child nursing which has made you realise that it is for you. You can reflect on the challenges of child nursing, however, you are determined to not let these get in your way. How other nurses from research has inspired you etc.

The most important part is highlighting your experience - this is where the university will look the most. It's best to have something related to health care - e.g. in a care home, nursery or even in a hospital. This will show them that you have some knowledge. What did you observe on these placements - did they inspire you even more (e.g. professionalism or maybe how friendly they were). What skills did you use when at these placements and how?

You could also speak a little bit about your current or previous studies and how some of the modules/units relate to children nursing e.g. anatomy and physiology - you will be discussing a lot about this in university - a project you have undertaken that may be relevant to child nursing.

What is it about your skills, attitudes, values that may you the right candidate.

Your hobbies and interests - how do these demonstrate your skills e.g. reading demonstrates your literacy skills.

Conclusion - your closing sentence should summarise your above paragraphs however you must not repeat yourself. You could state: why you believe you are the perfect student e.g. hard working and how this will ensure you are successful in university. And how you would love to study child nursing to finish your journey to become a nurse.

I recommend that you do not start each sentence with 'I'.
Ensure that your personal statement is structured and the information you're writing is relevant - you may find yourself erasing information or shortening your sentences due to the word limit.
Check your spelling and grammar prior before submission - get someone else to read it as they are more likely to spot mistakes.
Do not copy from somewhere else because they are able to see, they want to know you as the person.
Don't mention how you prefer one university over the over because this personal statement must be general as it is sent to all the universities you apply for.
Don't lie because once at interviews they tend to ask questions based on your personal statement.
You should try to utilise all your word limit to show them your interest in the course.

I am happy to read over your personal statement and provide tips on how to improve. Also, I am willing to answer anymore queries if you message me privately.

Shannon x

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