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Territory Assignment In Siebel Oracle

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Setting Up Divisions and Positions for Siebel Territory Management

In Siebel Territory Management, divisions are used to represent sales forces. Typically, you want to create a division for each of your sales forces. For example, a pharmaceutical company might create three divisions, one each for the neurology, cardiovascular, and oncology pharmaceutical sales forces.

Positions are assigned to the divisions. These positions represent the employees in your sales force. Typically, you have one position for each employee in your sales force. (An exception to this might be if two part-time employees share a full-time job.)

If your employees already use Siebel business applications, appropriate divisions and positions are probably already set up. See Siebel Security Guide for detailed information about creating divisions and positions.

NOTE:  When you create positions (and elsewhere on the UI), you see a field called Territory; this field is not related to Siebel Territory Management.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel Territory Management.

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About Siebel Territory Management

The purpose of Siebel Territory Management is to manage sales and service territories. For example, Siebel Territory Management can be used to assign sales representatives to accounts and contacts based on territory or to assign ownership of assets to field service engineers based on territory.

You create (or bulk load) rules in Siebel Territory Management. These rules determine how the assignments are made. You can review the results of these rules before the actual assignments are made in the database. Then you align territory assignments based on these rules.

Why Is Siebel Territory Management Important?

Maintaining sales representatives and their managers is a major cost to organizations. For this reason, it is very important to keep territories well aligned with the sales force. You want to make sure that your sales representatives are working most efficiently. You do not want sales representatives without enough accounts to fill their time. Similarly, you do not want sales representatives to have so many accounts that they lose key opportunities because they cannot call on all their accounts. The same concerns affect the costs of keeping service engineers in the field.

Siebel Territory Management does not tell you how to align your territories with your sales force, but it makes territory alignments faster and simpler so that you can align and realign your territories as needed.

About Siebel Territory Management for Siebel Industry Applications

This guide uses Life Sciences examples to describe the features of Siebel Territory Management. However, you can use Siebel Territory Management with the other Siebel Business Applications.

NOTE:  Geo zone rules and assignment by asset are only available for Siebel Industry applications.

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