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Parents who work outside the home often are challenged to provide supervised before and after school care for their children. In fact, more than 70 percent of U.S. children have parents who work away from home, leaving 15 million youth unsupervised by adults when the school day ends.

Brightside Academy’s before and after school program supports busy families with adult supervision for their children when they are not in school. We offer:

  • Service for children 5- to 12-years-old
  • Homework help and tutoring
  • Enriching activities: drama, art, technology and more
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Nutritious meals and snacks included
  • Passionate and caring teachers
  • Payment through vouchers/subsidies

Many of our locations also provide safe and reliable transportation to and from select schools. Review the list below to find out what schools are served by location.


Transportation Provided to and from the Following Schools:


East Liberty LocationFulton Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary, Liberty Elementary
Jeannette LocationJeannette McKee Elementary
McKeesport LocationFrancis McClure Primary, Twin Rivers Primary, Twin Rivers Intermediate, Francis McClure Intermediate, Propel School, Founders Hall
925 Liberty LocationMartin Luther King, Manchester Charter, Allegheny Traditional Academy
North Versailles LocationLogan Elementary School – East Allegheny
415 Smithfield LocationUrban Pathways, Langley, Miller
Smithfield LocationGrandview, Brookline, Beechwood
Squirrel Hill LocationGreenfield Elementary, Colfax Elementary, Minadeo Elementary, Propel Elementary





This chart compares School Performance Scores for the last two years for each school in the metropolitan New Orleans area. Included are the individual school overall score and a corresponding letter grade.

Previous Range (2011)

New Range (2012)

Letter Grade
















Schools with a "T" were recently taken over by charter school operators and have not yet earned a letter grade.


2011 Baseline School Performance Score2012 Baseline School Performance ScorePoint Change
2011 to

2012 Letter Grade
Audubon Charter School120.4125.34.9A
Mary Bethune Elementary Literature/Technology118.7111.9-6.8B
Einstein Charter School96.4102.15.7C
Warren Easton Senior High School120.2130.310.1A
Benjamin Franklin High School186.2197.611.4A
Alice M. Harte Elementary Charter School101.2112.511.3B
Edward Hynes Charter School117.2121.74.5A
Edna Karr High School115120.75.7A
Lusher Charter School155.4167.111.7A
McDonogh #35 Senior High School103.397.8-5.5C
Mahalia Jackson Elementary School 103.8N/AC
Eleanor McMain Secondary School1081091B
Robert Russa Moton Charter School111.6100.1-11.5C
Lake Forest Elementary Charter School147.8151.94.1A
Benjamin Franklin Elem. Math and Science111.5108.5-3B
New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics HS106.4115.79.3B
Architecture, Design & Engineering High School 54.1N/AF
Pierre A. Capdau Learning Academy70.775.85.1D
Nelson Elementary School69.879.910.1D
Lake Area New Tech Early College High School70.197.927.8C
Gentilly Terrace Elementary School65.374.99.6T
Harriet Tubman Charter School 66.6N/AT
Fannie C. Williams Charter School 75.2N/AD
Lagniappe Academy of New Orleans57.458.61.2F
Edgar P. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy66.771.24.5T
Morris Jeff Community School 84.6N/AD
Batiste Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak Elem60.863.32.5T
SciTech Academy at Laurel Elementary60.6676.4T
Reed Elementary School 68.9N/AT
ReNEW Accelerated High School, City Park Campus 27.3N/AF
ReNEW Accelerated High School, West Bank Campus 33.5N/AF
Arise Academy67.178.611.5D
Success Preparatory Academy54.265.611.4F
Benjamin E. Mays Preparatory School51.353.32F
Pride College Preparatory Academy64.462.4-2F
Crocker Arts and Technology School65.264.8-0.4F
The Intercultural Charter School71.972.70.8F
Akili Academy of New Orleans106.696.2-10.4C
Sci Academy96.4111.815.4B
Miller-McCoy Academy for Mathematics and Business71.271-0.2F
Sylvanie Williams College Prep (New Orleans College Prep)67.981.914D
Andrew H. Wilson Charter School70.377.97.6D
James M. Singleton Charter School73.373.60.3F
Dr. Martin Luther King Charter School for Sci/Tech94.298.54.3C
McDonogh City Park Academy71.967.8-4.1F
Lafayette Academy88.593.44.9C
Esperanza Charter School62.1685.9T
Martin Behrman Elementary School108.1107.1-1B
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School85.481.7-3.7D
William J. Fischer Elementary School72.972.3-0.6F
McDonogh #32 Elementary School62.363.31F
O.Perry Walker Senior High School95.5108.913.4B
Algiers Technology Academy76.185.59.4D
Benjamin Banneker Elementary School67.774.77F
Walter L. Cohen High School28.845.516.7F
Paul B. Habans Elementary School62.977.915D
Murray Henderson Elementary School57.563.25.7F
James Weldon Johnson School67.170.93.8F
Sarah Towles Reed Senior High School33.747.613.9F
A.P. Tureaud Elementary School78.175.9-2.2D
G.W. Carver High School44.846.41.6F
L. B. Landry High School46.76013.3F
H.C. Schaumburg Elementary School69.971.81.9F
Mary D. Coghill Elementary School75.279.54.3D
Abramson Science and Technology School 59.4N/AF
Sophie B. Wright Learning Academy86.278.9-7.3D
KIPP Believe College Prep (Phillips)111.8112.91.1B
KIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative Arts91.791.5-0.2C
KIPP Central City Academy107.5106.4-1.1B
KIPP Central City Primary105.688.5-17.1D
KIPP Renaissance High School 85.3N/AD
KIPP New Orleans Leadership Academy74.975.80.9D
Samuel J. Green Charter School78.1812.9D
Arthur Ashe Charter School82820D
Joseph S. Clark Preparatory High School 55.8N/AT
John Dibert Community School64.773.89.1T
International School of Louisiana110.8118.57.7B
Milestone SABIS Academy of New Orleans80.987.56.6D
International High School of New Orleans 81.5N/AD
John Q. Adams Middle School92.993.10.2C
A.C. Alexander Elementary School9897.1-0.9C
J.J. Audubon Elementary School9192.51.5C
Alice M.Birney Elementary School94.81005.2C
Bissonet Plaza Elementary School105104.4-0.6C
Bonnabel Magnet Academy High School68.59122.5C
Mildred S. Harris Elementary School74.974.8-0.1F
Bridgedale Elementary School80.487.97.5D
George Cox Elementary School82.985.93D
Helen Cox High School79.595.816.3C
Ella Dolhonde Elementary School88.4989.6C
East Jefferson High School86.210114.8C
John Ehret High School78.29516.8C
Ellender Middle School77803D
J.C. Ellis Elementary School107.4112.85.4B
Estelle Elementary School80.582.92.4D
Fisher Middle/High School98.2110.312.1B
Henry Ford Middle School76.881.54.7D
Grand Isle High School100.91065.1B
Green Park Elementary School90.987.3-3.6D
Greenlawn Terrace Elementary School106105.8-0.2B
Gretna Middle School7478.74.7D
Shirley Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary School70.2754.8D
Harahan Elementary School106.6109.52.9B
T.H. Harris Middle School84.489.34.9D
William Hart Elementary School87.687.60D
Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies161.3180.619.3A
Hazel Park/Hilda Knoff School101.898.4-3.4C
Phoebe Hearst School1011065B
L.W. Higgins High School72.79724.3C
Jefferson Elementary School89.7944.3C
Harold Keller Elementary School97101.64.6C
Grace King High School82.7112.329.6B
Livaudais Middle School74.377.63.3D
Live Oak Manor Elementary School91.189.9-1.2D
L.H. Marrero Middle School7477.33.3D
Rudolph Matas School109.6111.21.6B
McDonogh #26 Elementary School6776.49.4D
J.D. Meisler Middle School87.888.81D
Metairie Academy for Advanced Studies161.2164.23A
Vic A. Pitre Elementary School69.173.74.6F
Ella C. Pittman Elementary School86.6870.4D
Riverdale High School88.8110.421.6B
Marie B. Riviere Elementary School98.51067.5B
Theodore Roosevelt Middle School80.682.92.3D
Walter G. Schneckenburger Elem School102.1106.64.5B
Catherine Strehle Elementary School74.577.83.3D
Terrytown Elementary School80.384.94.6D
Miller Wall Elementary School71.573.11.6F
West Jefferson High School62.582.920.4D
Myrtle C. Thibodeaux Elementary School75.274.5-0.7F
Woodland West Elementary School88.188.10D
G.T. Woods Elementary School88.690.51.9C
Stella Worley Middle School7178.37.3D
Paul J. Solis Elementary School97.999.81.9C
Woodmere Elementary School64.169.65.5F
Chateau Estates Elementary School8997.58.5C
Lucille Cherbonnier Elementary School72.672.3-0.3F
Joshua Butler Elementary School85.286.91.7D
Geraldine Boudreaux Elementary School75.782.46.7D
Leo E. Kerner Jr. Elementary School88.591.93.4C
Congetta Trippe Janet Elementary School87.2946.8C
Harry S. Truman Middle School71.371.1-0.2F
Riverdale Middle School85.890.64.8C
Westbank Community School43.749.25.5F
Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy162177.515.5A
Thomas Jefferson High School for Advanced Studies153.6190.236.6A
Gretna No. 2 Academy for Advanced Studies148.5154.96.4A
L. W. Ruppel Academy for Advanced Studies142.2147.45.2A
Martyn Alternative School21.428.26.8F
Judge Lionel R. Collins Elementary78.284.56.3D
Washington Montessori72.781.28.5D
Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts81.384.53.2D
Clancy Elementary School for the Arts67747F
Marrero Academy for Advanced Studies134.1136.32.2A
Airline Park Academy for Advanced Studies145.61460.4A
Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy50.461.310.9F
Belle Chasse High School114.2134.620.4A
Belle Chasse Middle School109.9113.94B
Boothville-Venice Elementary School116.3120.94.6A
Phoenix High School90.991.91C
Belle Chasse Primary School124.41283.6A
South Plaquemines Elementary School87.996.28.3C
South Plaquemines High School89.511222.5B
Belle Chasse Academy109.71177.3B
Arabi Elementary School108.1108.50.4B
Chalmette High School113.1138.125A
J.F. Gauthier School114.8117.32.5B
Joseph J. Davies Elementary School109.1109.90.8B
N.P. Trist Middle School103111.48.4B
C.F. Rowley Alternative School48.957.48.5F
W. Smith Jr. Elementary School85.789.84.1D
St. Bernard Middle School98.21078.8B
Chalmette Elementary School109.8107.9-1.9B
Andrew Jackson Middle School101.5104.22.7C
Allemands Elementary School99.5101.31.8C
Destrehan High School11112716A
Hahnville High School112123.111.1A
R.K. Smith Middle School92.696.74.1C
Lakewood Elementary School112.2114.52.3B
Luling Elementary School90.893.12.3C
J.B. Martin Middle School108.4112.74.3B
Mimosa Park Elementary School112.4114.11.7B
Norco Elementary School 4-697.5102.85.3C
Albert Cammon Middle School98.298.90.7C
St. Rose Elementary School98.8104.65.8C
A. A. Songy Sr. Kindergarten Center111113.42.4B
R.J. Vial Elementary School102.7110.88.1B
Harry M. Hurst Middle School107.3111.34B
New Sarpy Elementary School115.1112.8-2.3B
Norco Elementary School K-3109.2107.1-2.1B
Ethel Schoeffner Elementary School112.1113.31.2B
East St. John High School7898.320.3C
LaPlace Elementary School96.198.22.1C
East St. John Elementary School83.481.7-1.7D
West St. John High School100.3112.312B
West St. John Elementary School (K-7)90.794.43.7C
Fifth Ward Elementary School7878.60.6D
Lake Pontchartrain Elementary School90.192.22.1C
John L. Ory Communications Magnet Elementary120119.1-0.9B
Garyville/Mt. Airy Math & Science Magnet94.287.7-6.5D
St. John Alternative School19.149.130F
Emily C. Watkins Elementary8687.31.3D
Abita Springs Elementary School118.3121.63.3A
Abita Springs Middle School106.6106.3-0.3B
W.L. Abney Elementary School87.990.72.8C
Alton Elementary School77.785.27.5D
Bayou Lacombe Middle School86.392.86.5C
Bonne Ecole Elementary School112.8115.52.7B
Boyet Junior High School107.2112.14.9B
Glynn H. Brock Elementary School85.284.7-0.5D
Carolyn Park Middle School86.9903.1C
Chahta-Ima Elementary School99.588.4-11.1D
Clearwood Junior High School107.4110.83.4B
Covington Elementary School118.2118.40.2B
Covington High School102.2113.711.5B
Fifth Ward Junior High School97.398.91.6C
Florida Avenue Elementary School96.294.6-1.6C
Folsom Elementary School105.9110.24.3B
Folsom Junior High School97.3104.47.1C
Lee Road Junior High School109.6111.11.5B
Little Oak Middle School115.41182.6B
E. E. Lyon Elementary School96.596.50C
Madisonville Elementary School122.1123.21.1A
Madisonville Junior High School111.8113.92.1B
Mandeville Elementary School117.2117-0.2B
Mandeville High School137.3155.718.4A
Mandeville Junior High School121.81264.2A
Mandeville Middle School123.1123.70.6A
Pearl River High School102.8115.913.1B
Pine View Middle School96.999.72.8C
William Pitcher Junior High School96.597.71.2C
St. Tammany Junior High School88.492.44C
Creekside Junior High90.5932.5C
Salmen High School88104.616.6C
Sixth Ward Elementary School100.9103.72.8C
Slidell High School109.1128.119A
Slidell Junior High School94.996.81.9C
Northshore High School132.4140.98.5A
Bayou Woods Elementary School91.994.93C
Riverside Elementary School101.3104.73.4C
Woodlake Elementary School116.1119.43.3B
Honey Island Elementary School113.9116.62.7B
Whispering Forest Elementary School121.2118-3.2B
Cypress Cove Elementary School113.4115.92.5B
Pontchartrain Elementary School137.9140.72.8A
Tchefuncte Middle School129.8130.60.8A
Fontainebleau High School127.6149.922.3A
Fontainebleau Junior High School116.6117.61B
Magnolia Trace Elementary School124.7126.11.4A
Lake Harbor Middle School120.2121.91.7A
L.P. Monteleone Junior High School113115.12.1B
Little Pearl Elementary School95.891.5-4.3C
Marigny Elementary School123.2124.31.1A
Lakeshore High School108129.121.1A

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