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Compsci 101 Assignment Satisfaction

Assignments are designed to give you practical experience with the concepts which you have learnt in lectures. Assignments are worth a total of 11% of your final mark. There are five assignments and each is due at 4:30pm on their due date.

For three of these five assignments (a total of 7%) you are required to write and submit one or more programs and for the other two assignments you will be using CodeRunner.

  • Assignment 1: Due: 17th January (2.5%)
  • Assignment 2: Due: 23rd January (2.5%)
  • Assignment 3: Due: 1st February (2%)
  • Assignment 4: Due: 7th February (2%)
  • Assignment 5: Due: 11th February (2%)

Assignments must be submitted by the 4:30pm deadline on the due date.

For assignments 1, 2 and 5 you are required to write and submit one or more programs and these three assignments need to be submitted electronically through the Web Dropbox (see below). Assignments 2 and 3 use the CodeRunner tool (see below).

/*** 08.07 Assignment - Modify the CarV5 class to instantiate multiple objects. TESTER CLASS* * @author Ekta Karkala* @version 11/23/2016*/public class CarV7Tester{public static void main(String[] args) {// Define the local variables // I am using the example of ShapesV7Tester.java as in http://learn.flvs.net/webdav/educator_apcsa_v14/module08/javamod08/ShapesV7Tester.java// Since I have declared private variables in carV7 I cannot reference those here.String carTypeC1 = "2006 Toyota Prius";String carTypeC2 = "2007 BMW 750";String carTypeC3 = "2011 Honda Accord";int endMilesC1 = 140456;int endMilesC2 = 89004;int endMilesC3 = 38745;int startMiles1 = 140037;int startMiles2 = 88678;int startMiles3 = 38436;double gallonsUsedC1 = 8.2;double gallonsUsedC2 = 19.0;double gallonsUsedC3 = 12.1;double pricePerGallonC1 = 2.25;double pricePerGallonC2 = 2.55;double pricePerGallonC3 = 2.25;// Define the objectsCarV7 car1 = new CarV7(carTypeC1,endMilesC1, startMiles1, gallonsUsedC1, pricePerGallonC1 ); CarV7 car2 = new CarV7(carTypeC2,endMilesC2, startMiles2, gallonsUsedC2, pricePerGallonC2 );

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