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Scholarships acts as a bridge for schools to have exemplary students and for great performing students to also have the chance for continuing their education in a learning institution. It is a fact that you should not let the lack of financial ability to serve as a hindrance in attaining education. If you know that you can be a value added to the school where you want to pursue your studies, then trying to apply for scholarship is the best thing to do.

A scholarship application letter may be required of you to pass, so you need to be ready in creating that document. Other than the samples that we can provide you for this specific kind of letter, you may also download our Letter Templates, which should give you an idea in creating different kinds of letters.

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On Scholarships

A scholarship is very essential for aspiring students who want to enter an institution but do not have the financial ability to do so. Going to some prestigious schools may cost a lot in terms of the tuition fees and other fees that are needed to be paid for admissions. Remember that being able to enroll at a specific school does not mean that the spending for education stops there.

Some scholarships may also provide assistance not only for the payment of tuition fees but also discounts on miscellaneous fees and the provision for book allowances and other monetary help for the scholars as long as they can maintain the grade point average that they are required to have every end of the semester.

If you think that you need financial help and you are more than willing to undergo the processes of getting a scholarship grant, then there will always be no harm in trying. Whether you pass or not, what is important is that you have tried your best to get yourself a way for education.

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The Scholarship Application Letter

If you are to create a scholarship application letter, here are a few things that you should consider:

  • Make the committee understand on why you need the scholarship grant. It vital for the committee to know why you need and deserve a grant, especially if it is the only way for you to continue your education. Just be sure that the items that you include in your letter are all true as there are usually background checks done by the institution before finally giving the scholarship to the applicant who they think deserves it.
  • Highlight your past achievements and qualifications as a student. It is very important for them to be impressed about your academic record and your skills and talents as well.
  • List the things that you can provide for the institution. You need to let them know that you can add value or prestige (acknowledgment from your field’s peers is one place to start) to the school and that you will do nothing to harm the school’s image.

Other than our scholarship application letters, you may also download our Scholarship Recommendation Letters. Keep in mind that recommendations for the student who wanted to get a scholarship is very important as it will allow the selection committee to know the capacity and other references about the student’s scholastic performance and individual behavior.





Date: ____________ (the sender wrote the letter on this particular date to the receiver)





Subject: Letter applying for scholarship

Respected Sir,

Apropos your circular, I am applying herewith for a _____________ (name of the scholarship) scholarship to pursue my ________________ (name of the course) and to have higher studies in ____________ (name of the institute). Sir, I have been a meritorious scholar all through my academic session with more than _____________ (percentage marks) aggregate marks since school credentials and am enclosing herewith the copies of all my academic credentials for your perusal.

Sir, I pertain to a poor family and my father’s annual earnings are furthermore within the scholarship-eligibility benchmark and I am submitting herewith his annual earnings certificate. I undertake to keep my percentage overhead _______________ (projected marks) throughout this _________________ (name of the course) course and this scholarship will help me immensely in realizing my aspirations of becoming a top grade scholar. I know that I have to work hard to keep up to your expectations and I will verify that I can do it and bring laurels to our institution.

I hope request will be looked after with extra concern. Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully,


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