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Hello, my name is Julie Rapoport and I am the Music & Movement enrichment teacher at the Infant & Toddler Center and Preschool, and for our Prekindergarten students. My goal each year is to encourage every child’s natural interest in and love of music. Since young children already love music, my job is pretty great!

Today I’d like to share a little more about music instruction with our youngest learners. Although I have a basic structure for the class, I focus each session by following the group’s mood. They always let me know what works for them, in no uncertain terms. Some days they’re all about the rhythm instruments, other days they’re more about movement, dancing or being danced in our arms. They can also get into a very intense observation mode: watching and listening intently as I use my voice to demonstrate musical dynamics such as fast/slow, loud/quiet, high/low. Even our youngest children can be incredibly focused observers. They are mesmerized by repetitive sounds and motions, and they love to watch the bigger children do their thing.

Repetition is key with this age group. They crave it, and with good reason. Every time they ‘practice’ a sound or motion they introduce subtle changes that deepen their experience. The infant classes love being able to predict what comes next in a familiar, consistent series of sounds and movements. Our toddlers are given room to experiment with words and syllables and repeat them in rhythmic patterns within the context of familiar songs. Because repetition is the key with this age group, there are certain songs and activities that we will do almost every session:

With the loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, the Indianapolis Colts fell to 3-12 on the season and it seems more likely that there will be a change at the head coach position in the offseason.

Though no announcement has been made yet, Chuck Pagano is certainly on the hot seat and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that the Colts have been looking at some possible candidates to replace him.

“Chuck Pagano, at this point, certainly seems like the end of his coaching tenure is coming. It would not be a surprise to him or the members of his coaching staff,” Rapoport said on Sunday. “This also is a team that has begun doing homework on potential coaching candidates.”

Pagano being on the hot seat doesn’t come as much of a surprise given how this season has played and the fact that they’ve finished the previous two seasons with an 8-8 record and missing the playoffs.

The Colts have one game left in the regular season and it doesn’t seem likely that the organization is going to make a change before the end of the season as Rapoport reported earlier this month that Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard will sit down at the end of the season to discuss the next move.

Pagano has been at the helm for the Colts during the past five seasons but it seems his tenure could be coming to a close as the team looks to move in a different direction.

Colts' Kenny Moore earns high PFF grade in loss to Ravens

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